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so unloved

Can people SEE my entries? Because I'm beginning to think I'm invisible. No comments for me. How sad.

Please comment if you can read this.

I feel like I'm a good LJ friend.
I feel like I comment a lot.
But no....
no one loves me.
I'm gunna go eat worms.
Big ones.
Fat ones.
Skinny ones.

you're gunna be popular

The countdown has definitely begun.

3 days till Cabo San Lucas. I definitely need a vacation. I've been doing Graduate School Applications every day this week and will continue to do so until Saturday. They are tedious and boring and so painful. But it's my future on the line, and something I need so very much, and that is why I endure the hardship. Hah.

Friday is Marissa's 20th birthday and she's been treating me like such the princess lately. I'd been begging to go to Disney this week, and although she really doesn't like it there she told me "guess you'll get to see Mickey this Friday..." and I got soooo excited. I'm such the little kid, it's hilarious. I'm buying her a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka for her birthday - apparently it's good stuff. I wouldn't know. I'll probably have one shot of it and get goofy. She's amazing and I'm so lucky to have her.

Oh! and excitement.....my grandma bought me tickets to see Wicked in February. Close up matinee seats. I'm definitely not as giddy for Wicked as I am for RENT, but I still love going to the theatre. This week is definitely getting better than the weekend made me feel....Things are looking up for sure.

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